LGBT Support

About Enplus’s Promotion of Diversity


Since its establishment in 2004, Enplus has promoted diversity by not creating barriers among nationality, language, culture and gender.

“Having non-Japanese speaking foreigners rent apartments like Japanese-natives” was an issue within the conservative real estate industry in Japan, but Enplus has been increasing rent contracts from foreigners by hiring bilingual staff, reaching out to property owners and providing one-stop support services from moving in to moving out.

Many companies have placed efforts to promote diversity following globalization. Having worked on diversity since an early stage, Enplus will keep its four promises below to support LGBT in order to further penetrate social understanding for LGBT.

Enplus’s Four Promises for LGBT Support

  1. All of our serviced apartments that we operate (within Tokyo, 350 rooms) are LGBT-Friendly. We promise to never have same-sex couples experience discrimination during screening to rent the apartments.
  2. We will proactively make efforts to widen the circle of support for LGBT among our clients that include major real estate firms and maintenance companies. In addition, we promise to increase the number and variety of LGBT-Friendly apartments by gathering apartments in which we receive support from real estate firms and maintenance companies to have more quality properties to show our LGBT customers.
  3. Enplus Inc. promises to conduct employee training on LGBT topics as part of our efforts to promote diversity under the Enplus mission of “Contributing to the globalization of Japan,” and have all of our staff to greet our LGBT customers with hospitality with correct knowledge and understanding.
  4. Enplus Inc. promises to continue not having employees experience discrimination or receive negative assessment due to them being LGBT, and will never have prospective employees experience drawbacks during the hiring process for their sexual orientation.

To Corporate Human Resource Departments

All of Enplus’s serviced apartments are LGBT-Friendly. Furthermore, we have asked and encouraged our clients for their understanding in renting housing for long-term expats to have many LGBT-Friendly apartments available to choose from.

If you have questions on issues such as how to respond to LGBT employees assigned from overseas who wish to have their partners accompany them, or want to know how other companies respond to such issues, feel free to contact us so that our global mobility services team that assists relocations to Japan and overseas will help you.