Message from our President

As a Japanese RMC (Relocation Management Company), we at Enplus provide a one-stop solution for housing and living support. Under our mission of "contributing to the Globalization of Japan," we aim to support global human resources for personnel transfers, assignments, and overseas recruitment for foreign talent coming to Japan and for Japanese talent going overseas.

The origins of our company name, Enplus, is derived from the Japanese word “En”, which translates to “valued relationship”. “Enplus” reflects our commitment in valuing and developing mutually beneficial relationships on a global scale, with clients, customers, employees, and partners. From the time of our founding, our management philosophy has been to "value each encounter and create lifelong relationships”, and we look forward to creating such relationships throughout this journey.

President CEO
Kana Kumoshita

Corporate Philosophy

Value each encounter and create lifelong relationships

Enplus will always be sincere, not only to our customers, but also to our business partners. We believe in trusting one another and building upon this trust by providing services that exceeds expectations. We aim to elevate ourselves through a creative spirit and ensure our “relationship” is beneficial to all.


Contribute to the Globalization of Japan

Enplus believes that global corporate activities, movement of talent, and the promotion of organizational diversity are indispensable for the future growth of Japan. We will contribute to the Globalization of Japan through the growth of corporations by providing housing and living related services and reducing cultural and language barriers through our actions.


More Value, Less Barrier

Enplus provides services (Value) to help eliminate various cultural procedures and stress (Barrier) for those on overseas assignments and transfers. We will support the movement of business and people from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world.


Enplus has established five key VALUEs to achieve our Mission and Vision.

Be Equals

Maintaining mutual-beneficial relationships

Act with Respect

Value compassion

Have Passion

Be Challenging with passion

Think Creative

"Make possible" through creativity

Take Responsibility

Be responsible from beginning to end